Share the food, someone needs it!

foodsharing. online

Information space for the foodsharing

Don't throw away your food
Check what people share
I'd like to share some food from my farm
Who shares?
I'm going to vacation, but there is a lot of food at home
There is a lot of food after the party at home
Reasonable consumption
Who takes?
I'd like to eat but can't cook
I'd like to eat but can't buy the food
How it works?
Owner posts the foodshare in the Telegram bot
Food giver selects and books the foodshare in the Telegram bot
Food giver takes the foodshare
Food owner confirms that foodshare was taken
The team
Our mission is to help people to be involved in smart consumption
Pavel Golovkin — CEO, Founder
I like food, I love Information technologies. Food + Information technologies = ❤️
How much should I pay for using is free! There is a only on one service available, its a Telegram bot
How can I add my town to the service?
Please contact us in Telegram group or email us.
What personal data does Telegram bot use?
Telegram bot doesn't use any specific data. If you use Telegram it means that you've already shared all the data. If you'd like to improve notification then you can share your phone number in the "Settings" menu.
I still have questions about Telegram bot whom can I contact?
Feel free to ask in Telegram support chat
Contact us if you have any questions
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